New Year, New Book! Giveaway and Interview with Helen Lacey

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Helen’s giveaway is jcb weiss.  Congratulations, JoAnne!

I’m happy to welcome Helen Lacey back to the blog today.  She’s just released the third book in her Crystal Point Series, HIS-AND-HERS FAMILY.   Just like her previous books, MADE FOR MARRIAGE and MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE, this book promises to be a riveting read, full of drama and emotions.  Helen stopped by today to tell us a little about the new book and she’s also giving away a signed copy to one lucky commenter.  So make sure that you leave a comment after reading this post.


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Helen, your latest book is set in the same place as your previous two. Are you planning to write more books set in the same town, Crystal Point? Yes, absolutely! Book four comes out in August and it’s also set in Crystal Point. After that, I have several more planned.

That’s exciting.  Where did you get the inspiration for this story?  When I wrote the first book in this series, I’d planned for Fiona, the heroine in His-And-Hers Family, to have her own story down the track. Back then, all I knew about her was that she’d given her baby up for adoption when she was a teenager, but wasn’t sure where this would gowhen it came to actually write her story. It was a television show about people finding their after adoption that gave me the idea to use the family reunited theme.

Can you tell us something about your two main characters? Fiona is a bubbly, likeable schoolteacher who gave up her baby for adoption when she was just fifteen. She has many friends but is still very much alone. When she has the chance to reconnect with her fourteen year old daughter she doesn’t expect she’ll also fall head over heels for her daughter’s uncle. The hero, Wyatt, is all business and has been burned badly in the past. Although he does find it hard to resist Fiona. Getting these two reluctant people together was such fun.

Can we look forward to more books set in Crystal Point in the future? Yes, for sure. Date with Destiny, which is Grace and Cameron’s story comes out in August.

Can you see yourself moving away from Crystal Point in the future? For the moment I’m concentrating on my Crystal Point series. But I definitely have plans to write another series, which is about four brothers, in the near future.

What’s your writing routine? I write every day. It’s my career and my passion, but I have a fairly business like approach to the work. I try to write at least one thousand words a day and edit as I go. And although I’m not exactly a plotter, I do tend to mull a story in my head for at least six month before I write it.


Fifteen years ago, Fiona Walsh made a choice: to give her daughter up for adoption. But she’d never given up hope of meeting her little girl. So when opportunity for a reunion came knocking—in the form of her daughter’s tall, dark and sexy uncle—she opened the door to her past…and found true love on her doorstep!  Businessman Wyatt Harper liked his life carefully ordered, with details falling neatly into place. As Cecily’s guardian, her welfare came first. Yet his searing attraction to Fiona turned his entire world upside down—it was unlike anything he’d ever felt! This could be for keeps. But Wyatt had been burned before, badly. Could Fiona’s tender ways win Wyatt’s scarred heart—and make them into a family?

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42 Replies to “New Year, New Book! Giveaway and Interview with Helen Lacey”

  1. I have often read of writers waiting till later to edit their work – that they want to get the words on the page first. I think that I would be like you – editing as I go – as that tends to “keep me in the moment” better (for lack of better phrasing).
    I enjoyed how there are several plots going on at once in your head, until you're finally able to put words to paper, one at a time (I presume). Good luck with that!


  2. I am in awe of your work ethic, Helen. You are very professional in your approach and I think that's the secret to success in the writing business.
    I've watched TV documentaries on birth parents reuniting with their children and vice versa, and, although it's probably been done by other authors, often thought it would make a good story. I look forward to reading yours. How did you put your own twist on this plot?


  3. H Laney – you're right, a know many writers who just write and let the words out and then go back and polish. That's never really been my process, but I do know it's magic for some authors. I like to edit as I go and polish the best I can. It takes longer I think, but I'm a true believer in going with your 'natural style' to get the the words down. Becuse it's slower, the other 'plots' have time to precolate in my head. Thanks for stopping by today.


  4. Hi Cherie – thank you for your nice words 🙂 I guess it's about creating interesting characters that a reader can connect with. I think the thing about a Harlequin Special Edition book is that that have a firm footing in reality. When I write a book I like to write about real people with real lives. With His-And-Hers Family I wanted to connect with the reader not only through the hero and heroine, but also the teenage daughter, who is at the core of the story. She wants to be with her birth mother and have a family again. So often in romance novels there is a child/teenager who keeps them apart because she/he doesn't want the hero and heroine to be together. In this case, they are kept apart because she does. 🙂


  5. Nice interview – love when authors write connected stories/series. I always look for them. I will have to add yours to my ever growing TBR pile.
    Thanks for sharing.

    jbcweiss AT sbcglobal DOT net


  6. Hi jbc – I think connected stories connect with readers because they can get to know a little about the character's before a book about their own romanceis on the shelves. When I released my first book, Made For Marrriage, I had many emails from readers asking when Fiona would get her own happy-ever-after – happy to say she does in His-And-Hers Family. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Hi Maria. Hi Helen. Helen you write fantastic stories and I'm itching to read His and Hers. Now that my summer holidays are over it's in my top five must be read stories. I love books that are linked to each other and I look forward to reading more about Crystal Point 🙂


  8. I think the idea behind not editing as you go is that a different part of the brain is involved. The right side is for creativity and if you're constantly stopping to edit this gets the left hemisphere involved. This the part used for logical thinking, facts, detail and suchlike so it hampers the creative flow that you've already got going. So best just to give free rein to the right brain until you've exhausted it and then go over what you've written with the left brain in gear at a later time.


  9. HI Jemi – lovely to see you here. I think doing a series really developes the sense of 'place' for the reader. And I love giving secondary characters in one book, their own happy ending in another. 🙂


  10. Hi Desere – thank you for that lovely compliment. Crying is good 🙂 As for what's next – Date With Destiny is released in August ….. this is Grace's story and something of a favourite for me. Thanks for stopping by.


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