Teresa Ashby With A New Novel – And A Giveaway!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Teresa’s Giveaway is Caroline.  Congratulations.

I’m happy to welcome the wonderful Teresa Ashby to MBB today.  I might as well reveal that I hold Teresa in very high esteem indeed.  She’s everything, as a writer, that I’d love to be.  A prolific short story writer who also writes novels, she recently released THE DOCTOR’S DECISION.  She’s come to tell us a bit about it.  

So, Teresa, tell us everything!

Teresa, you’re best known as a short story writer and you’re probably one of the most successful short story writers around today.  What made you decide to take up writing novels?
I’ve always written novels. They were my first love and after trying, unsuccessfully, to write one (or rather to find anyone willing to publish one I’d written), I decided to try short fiction and work my way up to a novel. The short stories took over and my novel writing took a back seat, but I’ve written lots of longer stuff over the years.  I haven’t kept most of it and lost a load more in a computer breakdown – probably for the best!

Which is your favourite form, the novel or the short story and why?   
It’s difficult to answer this and I’ve tried to come up with one or the other but I can’t. I love both forms of fiction – the quick fix of a short story and the emotional engagement of a novel. I just completely love fiction.

What, for you, are the main differences between the two? 
Sometimes I think you can have almost as much happen in a short story as in a novel, but it all happens at a faster pace. You can have more characters in a novel and more time to get to know them, smell the flowers and check our the scenery, so I think it does come down to pace.

Where do you get the inspiration for your writing?  Do you plot and plan or let it happen as you write? 
I have tried, oh how I have tried to plot, but I can’t do it. If I know what’s going to happen, I lose interest. I like to go on a journey with my characters and find things out as they do. Inspiration can come from anywhere and it often starts with a character who has a story to tell.

What’s most important in a story, plot or character? 
Character. For me anyway. If the characters are great, you can forgive plot inconsistencies or a weak plot, but however brilliant the plot is, if the characters aren’t real, it just won’t work. When I think of my favourite books, it is very often the characters that do it for me.

What are the main characters like in  your latest novel?
Dr Cara Stanford is a confident career woman who definitely has no time for love in her life, in fact she seems to be terrified of it. She’s deeply caring and medicine is her first love. She appeared briefly in an earlier book, The Call of Home and for some reason she kept coming into my mind, demanding that her story was told. I felt there was much more to her than I’d seen. Greg Harding is a trauma consultant and as passionate about his work as Cara is about hers. He’s put his own life on hold since he witnessed the death of his brother for which he has always shouldered the blame. He’s taken complete responsibility for his brother’s widow and her little son and like Cara, he just hasn’t the time or the inclination for love.

Who is your favourite writer? 
There are so many that I love, Maria. Anne Tyler, Milly Johnson, Colin Cotterill, Jeffery Deaver, Jill Mansell, Deric Longden, Lianne Moriarty to name but a few – but if I had to choose just one writer, it would have to be Stephen King.



When ship’s doctor, Australian Cara Stanford meets trauma consultant Greg Harding on a busy quayside, the sparks fly! Despite the instant chemistry, both know that they won’t meet again after the ship sails. Cara will be returning to Australia as soon as her stint on the Princess Helena finishes and Greg has his work cut out caring for his widowed sister in law and her little boy.

The Princess Helena runs into trouble at sea and Cara finds herself inundated with casualties. Greg has to overcome his fear of helicopters to go to the rescue and when he is winched aboard he finds Cara amongst the wounded. He takes care of her as she recuperates, but just when Cara starts to let her guard down, a near tragedy brings her to her senses and thinking there is no future for them, Cara returns to Australia – alone.

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Teresa has kindly agreed to give away a copy of her new release to once commenter, so please leave a comment before you go!


66 Replies to “Teresa Ashby With A New Novel – And A Giveaway!”

  1. Brilliant interview Maria and Teresa! Loved reading all your answers, Teresa, to Maria's questions.

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the release!

    All the best!


  2. Great interview Maria and Teresa! Congratulations on your latest release. I thnk I speak for most of us that know Teresa that weare ALL in awe at Teresa's short story (and book) output! Amazing! Caroline x


  3. Thanks for sharing. Nice interview and the book looks like an interesting read.
    I think you can have the best plot in the world but if you have characters that readers don't want to interact with/read about and it's one of the genres that they like to read then you can't hook them.


  4. A really super interview.
    Your characters live because they are so alive to you I guess, Teresa, and you live their story with them.
    Yep – we are all in awe of Teresa and her amazing writing but she is also a lovely lady and so generous with her support. xx


  5. I love both forms of writing too Teresa, and couldn't choose between them :o) I'm no good at planning my stories out either, and have also lost lots of my early stuff in a computer crash!

    Your book sounds lovely, lots of luck with it.


  6. Hi Maria and Teresa, loved the interview. Congratulations on the release Teresa! So exciting to have so many authors out there releasing fab books that we the readers can gobble up xx


  7. I was interested in what you said about allowing plot to develop, Teresa, rather than laying it out as a kind of template from the beginning. I'm working on a new novel and trying, with difficulty, to establish the plot lines before I go any further. I thought that, ideally, that was the way that it should be done. But thinking about what you've said, I realize that it doesn't necessarily have to be so. In fact, for the kind of novel I'm writing now it's probably better to let the plot develop organically.


  8. It's best to go with what works best for you, Hilda and it does sound as if you would be better letting your plot develop. There's nothing wrong with having an idea of what you want to happen, but it doesn't have to be set in stone. I read once that you should have a plan for every chapter, but it never worked for me – I ended up being more concerned with sticking to my plan than telling the story! 🙂 x


  9. In all my favourite books, it's the characters I remember rather than the plot. With books that I've read over and over, such as many of Anne Tyler's, it's now become hard for me to believe that the characters are not real people, off living their lives in Baltimore!


  10. Oh wow!! Lovely to read more about amazing Teresa Ashby and her fabulous new novel!!! And she is totally a “panster”!! I love that!!! I can never plot stories and always just go with where my characters take me and never the other way round!!

    I wish Teresa all the best with her novel! I do so hope there is a happy ending for Cara and Greg – or at least I do so hope they meet in the end!! Take care


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