ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Sarah’s giveaway is Desere Congratulations Desere.

I’m happy to welcome Sarah Painter to MBB today.  Sarah writes women’s fiction and has just released her debut novel THE LANGUAGE OF SPELLS with Carina Press UK.  She  has worked as a freelance magazine journalist, blogger and editor for the last thirteen years, combining this career with motherhood.  Sarah lives in rural Scotland with her children, husband, and two enormous cats.  Today, she stops here  on her blog tour….


What made you decide to become a writer?

I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, but by the time I went to university, I’d decided that writing fiction was an unrealistic dream and so I went into magazine journalism instead. It was still in my heart, though, and I kept saying that I’d write fiction ‘one day’. After I’d had my second child something clicked and I realised that ‘one day’ was never going to come if I didn’t sit down and begin.

Do you write to a daily target or do you write only when the mood strikes?
When I’m working on a book, I aim to write 1000 words every day.
Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I’m a complete pantser. Realising that was the key to finishing my first book… Previously, I’d thought I didn’t have enough ideas, but when I just started forcing a word count every day, the ideas turned up as I wrote…

Can you sum up your book in a Tweet sized sentence?
Gwen Harper inherits more than just a house when her mysterious aunt dies. Soon, she is struggling with her long-suppressed magic, family secrets and an old flame.

What’s next for you?
I’m under contract for the follow-up to THE LANGUAGE OF SPELLS.

That’s wonderful Sarah.  After that, we shall see.

Readers, Sarah has agreed to give a copy of the book to one lucky commenter, so please leave a comment before you go!  If you’re interested in following Sarah’s blog tour, she’ll be at the Carina UK website tomorrow, June 4th, so you can stop by and say hi there too…


When you are ready, seek, and you shall find. It is your gift. Gwen Harper left Pendleford thirteen years ago and hasn’t looked back. Until an inheritance throws her into the mystical world she thought she’d escaped. Confronted with her great-aunt’s legacy Gwen must finally face up to her past. The magic she has long tried to suppress is back with a vengeance but gift or burden, for Gwen, it always spells trouble. She has to stay – she has nowhere else to go – but how can she find her place in the town that drove her out after branding her a 


49 Replies to “Author Sarah Painter and THE LANGUAGE OF SPELLS – GIVEAWAY”

  1. The book sounds fab! I love stories about magic, spells etc. Congratulations on the release, hope it does really well 🙂


  2. Look forward to reading 'The Language of Spells'. Sounds really interesting. I bet reasearching was allot of fun. Meeting some rather interesting people. Best of Luck! 😉


  3. Hi Ailsa. I'm not, but I've long been fascinated by it. I did a fair amount of research using books – and Google, of course – and have always loved literature that mixes magic with the every day world. I also spoke to a herbalist for advice about that element of the book.


  4. What a gorgeous title for a novel! Just the sound of the words is enough to make me want to pick it up and read your book! I love stories with a touch of magic, something we could all do with a little bit more of in our lives. Interesting also to hear your approach to writing. Best of luck with your novel! 🙂


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