Chills for Halloween from Christina De Mello

I thought it would be appropriate to have Christina De Mello on at MBB as my guest this Hallowe’en. Christine is a bit of a mistress of the macabre, with an anthology of short stories out, just in time for the spooky season.  Ever since I started reading her book, CHAMELEON, I have to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure I’m alone.  Really alone! Unlike my usual visitors to MBB, I actually know Christina in the flesh and I can assure you, she is a warm, friendly woman with a wonderful sense of humour and nothing like you’d imagine, with her penchant for the paranormal.  I had a few searching questions to ask her this Halloween.


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Your stories are very vibrant yet they deal with fearsome matters. Didn’t you ever get scared when you were writing them?
My stories are vibrant and not what one would really expect to read in a horror story but then life is vibrant yet amongst it all is horror-seen and unseen. Yes, sometimes when I’m writing away, entirely engrossed in the story and there’s not a sound to be heard I do take a peek over my shoulder-you know- just in case something is there! 

I’ll bet you didn’t ever write them at night. Am I right?
You’ve got that one wrong! I do mostly write at night. It’s the best time to capture the atmosphere. Besides I have a full time day job.

What attracts you to writing horror?
I’ve studied abnormal psychology and I’m interested in the latent fears and phobias of the human mind. These phobias can come to the fore if the person is faced by the supernatural in unusual circumstances or surroundings. It’s the darkness within a person coupled with the shadowy unknown world that attracts me- a fascinating study.

Is your follow up work a collection of shorts as well?
Yes, it is. 

Are they going to get scarier?
I hope so. I want to create stories that are filled with a heavy morbid atmosphere, where obsession becomes madness. Well, that’s the way it’s going right now but then I don’t know where my twisted mind is going to lead me. Life is full of surprises.

Yikes!  If that doesn’t give you the chillls, I don’t know what will. Christina has a kindle copy for the best comment, so don’t forget to leave one before you go!


Listen; here is a secret that was made known to me; it was but the breath of a whisper overheard. It was the hour when night visions breed disquiet, as men lie chained by sleep; fear took hold of me, a fit of trembling that thrilled my whole frame, and made every hair bristle. All at once a spirit came beside me and stopped; there it stood, no face I knew, yet I could see the form of it, and catch its voice, light as a rustling breeze…….

Get it here:  Amazon    Amazon UK

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