A Chat With Hettie Barton

Apart from running my book blog, reviewing books, editing and writing, I am, of course, a housewife.  I love being a wife and a mother and all that goes with that role, but I have to confess that while I like certain creative aspects of homemaking like cooking and knitting, I’m not exactly a paragon of housewifely virtue.  You will NEVER find me on my knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor, for the third time that day.  Or fretting over my whiter than white washing.  Or freaking out over my packet of washing powder lasting less than a week. Housework, for me, is a necessary evil.  Of course I like a clean home and I have to have the work fairly under control before I become Maria-the-blogger-editor-writer or whatever.  But apart from that…..forget it!  That’s why I loved the little book by Hettie Barton, HANDY HINTS FOR AN EASIER LIFE.  It’s just what I love.  A guide on how to cut to the chase, get the work out of the way and head for the really interesting bits.  I loved this book so much, that I couldn’t resist inviting the author on to the blog for a chat.  Hettie Barton is one author who could never be accused of shameless self promotion.  She’s a simple housewife who prefers to let her work do the talking.  But she did agree to answer my questions….



Who is Hettie Barton?
I’m just an ordinary woman. I have a family and a home. And I try to fit everything in around running my own business. Like most, I find there aren’t enough hours in the day. And I often don’t accomplish everything I try to achieve.

Are you an expert in home science?
I’m an expert in doing what needs to be done with as little time and effort as possible. I’m no fifties housewife and I wouldn’t wish to be. And I’m also an expert in germs – where they congretate, how they spread – and how they can be minimised in a domestic setting.

What is your favourite household chore?
As far as I’m concerned, there, no such thing as a favourite household chore. I hate them all equally. Though some are important and need to be done – and I’d alway make it a priority to do such things such as ensuring high-germ spots, such as taps and door knobs, are clean.

What gave you the idea to publish your household hints?
Over the years I’ve picked up a number of hints and tricks to make life easier – and I wrote my guide to try to pass these on. Some I’ve submitted and seen published in various UK women’s magazines. With fewer markets for these fillers I decided a good way to share these ideas would be to self-publish a collection on Amazon.

Is there a follow up in the pipeline?
I do have more handy hints in mind – probably enough to make up a second collection. However, before I get that together, I plan to publish Hettie Barton’s Guide to Happiness and also Hettie Barton’s Guide Making Extra Money. These are both subjects dear to my heart and things I feel I know a lot about – things I hope others might benefit from and be interested in.

What’s your favourite tip for anyone publishing a non-fiction book on Kindle?
Just one favourite tip? Okay. I would say that, to write a non-fiction book, you need to share something that will add value to people’s lives. It’s no good thinking anything will do – people will not be fooled. When they part with money for a non-fiction book they’re looking for information and if you don’t provide it they will not be best pleased.

I loved reading your answers Hettie and I look forward to seeing more of your books on Amazon.  Keep up the good work!!!!

And now, the book:


Do you find life difficult to manage?Not enough time to do anything properly?This book might be able to help.Hettie Barton’s Handy Hints for an Easier Life contains 181 ways to make your life that little bit less difficult.

Hettie Barton lives a busy life. And she’s picked up a number of hints and tips for getting the most out of that life with as little effort on her part as possible. She shares her favourites here in an attempt to help you have an easier time of it, too. 

From ways to keep healthy, to time saving laundry advice, to ways of keeping cool on a hot day – you’re bound to find something useful here.

Get this book here:  Amazon  Amazon UK  Amazon India


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