Ella Carey’s Paris Time Capsule

I am happy to welcome debut author Ella Carey to MBB today.  Ella’s book, THE PARIS TIME CAPSULE, is an intriguing story about an abandoned apartment in Paris which literally stood still in time.  I’m not going to give too much away because I want readers to get this book and read this delightful story for themselves.  I had a few questions for Ella……


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Can you share a short bio?
 I love art, history, music and books! I am a tragic Francophile … always wishing that I was in Paris. I speak French, and have been to Paris a dozen times. I have a music degree in classical piano, and majored in English literature and history for my arts degree. I write women’s fiction, and my novel, ‘The Paris Time Capsule,’ has just been published. Other than that, I love walking with my dogs, two sweet little Italian greyhounds. They are always mistaken for whippets!
What inspires your writing?
 It’s odd how things come together. I will hear a story about something, or a person will inspire me sometimes. But, often it’s not until later on that I will think about turning these ideas into a story. Things come together, something that struck me as interesting might merge with a character that I had been thinking about, or, there might be an idea that I want to explore, as happened in my story ‘Another Life.’ I was besotted with the true story that inspired ‘The Paris Time Capsule,’ – although, perhaps it was just another excuse to spend more imaginative time in Paris!
What made you press on with this writing project when things were difficult? Because they must have been, sometimes.
 Ultimately, I think there are several things that kept me going with this novel. I was exploring ideas in which I believed. I was inspired and moved by the true story of the woman who abandoned her apartment in Paris for seventy years. She fled on the eve of the Nazi invasion in 1940, leaving her grandmother’s extraordinary story buried throughout the second half of the twentieth century until it was rediscovered in 2010.
But the real question remained unanswered. Why would you never return to Paris? Even after the war? And why would you keep your treasure filled apartment a secret?
I believed in my characters, Cat, especially, but I won’t give away which others, as that would spoil the story … although I have empathy for them all. Above all, I was trying to write something that would resonate, something that might inspire readers to think about certain things … and then, I was hopelessly involved with France. The novel is set in various places in that country. I don’t think I could have abandoned this novel.
Please sum up your plot in a tweet sized sentence.
 New York photographer Catherine Jordan inherits a treasure filled, abandoned apartment in Paris when a stranger dies. (Now, I’m going to cheat and write a second tweet: There is mystery, and there is love.)
Future plans?
 I am writing a second novel about ‘The Paris Time Capsule.’ One of the characters in the first novel has inspired it. I had an idea about which I wanted to write, this was something that struck me when I was in Berlin last winter – and the character in question suits this second story to a ‘T!’

The novel inspired by the fascinating true story and thousands of blogs. A treasure filled apartment in Paris was rediscovered in 2010 after it had been abandoned for seventy years. The owner fled on the eve of the Nazi invasion in 1940. But why did she never return to Paris? Why did she keep her apartment a secret?

2010:New York photographer Cat Jordan has always fought against her past, but when a stranger dies in Paris, Cat finds herself the sole inheritor of an apartment in the ninth arrondissement that has been locked up for seventy years.

A stash of love letters belonging to Marthe de Florian, one of the Belle Époque’s most famous demimondaines, and the appearance of the beautiful and mysterious Isabelle de Florian’s grandson leads Cat in search of the reasons why Isabelle kept her Paris apartment a secret until her death, and why she left her entire estate to Cat.

As Cat unravels the story, she too embarks on her own journey, realizing that the secrets in the apartment may finally unlock the future…

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There’s a surprise giveaway too.  Ella has a kindle copy of the book for one lucky commenter.  So please leave a comment to win.


26 Replies to “Ella Carey’s Paris Time Capsule”

  1. I was fascinated by that apartment and all the things in it and was intrigued by the what ifs and where did she go questions. The time capsule element of the place lends itself to a whole host of story ideas. Well done for taking it the step beyond mere speculation.


  2. Hello Helen! Lovely to see you here and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the novel! I think this story just intrigued me so much because of both the mystery – why did the owner of the apartment never return before she died? And then, the apartment itself was so fascinating, its history, everything inside it was so rare, and so special. It was also set in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. I adore France and have travelled there many times, plus speak French. I was working on another novel at the time, a mystery surrounding valuable art, but I switched ideas … I was entranced. Thanks for calling in here today, Helen xx


  3. Hello Cecliai! Thanks for calling in! So great to chat with someone else who was fascinated with the apartment. I agree – it does lend itself to many story ideas. Once I had my lead, Catherine Jordan, I was able to focus on just one story! Thanks for your kind thoughts and I hope you enjoy the novel. xx


  4. Hi LifeAsYouLiveIt, Thank you – it is unusual. If you google 'The Paris Time Capsule' there are hundreds of blogs and tweets out there about this apartment. I think people were fascinated by it because it is so interesting. Imagine – all those treasures locked up in the apartment, right through the second half of the twentieth century. It wasn't opened until the owner died in 2010. Thanks for calling in! xx


  5. I had read about the abandoned apartment some time ago and thought that there should be a novel about it due and there you have gone and written it. Congratulations. I hope that it does well.


  6. Looks intriguing. I am an engineer who loves to read. This book seems to have it all, fiction, thrill, romance and the time capsule would take it to another level. Looking forward to read it soon.


  7. Hello Purva! I think the time capsule part of the original story did take it to another level for me too, that's exactly it. Thank you for your kind comments, wonderful to meet you, to hear that you love to read and I hope you enjoy it! xx


  8. Hi Maria… Hi Ella…Congrats on your book release. The Paris Capsule blurb is very intriguing and I love how it is inspired by a real life incident. Wish you all the best!


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