Chapter 2 – Part 1

Something had gone badly wrong. He’d blown it and he just knew it deep down although he wasn’t quite sure how it had happened. He just knew that there was a change in how certain entities perceived him. He had done his best to remain anonymous, to fade into the crowd. He had kept a low profile, kept out of view, yet it seemed to him that someone from the enemy’s side had perceived him. It was a disturbing thought. Why was this? Were they looking out for him? It looked like it. But again, if so, why?

He didn’t show his seraphic appearance as he had done before. He moved about in disguise. The Enemy, of course, had agents everywhere. they seemed to have noticed out of millions and millions of people


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Born in Dublin, Ireland 59 years ago, living in India the last 28 years. A freelance writer and blogger. Mother of four talented individuals and wife to a retired university professor.

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