What’s the Lure of the Sheikh Romance? Asking Author Pippa Roscoe

Today, author Pippa Roscoe has come to MBB to talk about her new release, Conquering His Virgin Queen. Romance fiction is one of the biggest selling genres and within that, the subgenre of fiction romance fiction is enduringly popular. In fact, it has been so ever since the days of Rudolph Valentino in the era of silent movies (yes, they had sheikh romance movies back then). It really makes me wonder what it is about sheikh romance novels that win the hearts of readers. Is it the mystery of the desert? The lure of dark, brooding eyes and long, mysterious robes? Whatever it is, it hits the spot. I wanted to ask author Pippa Roscoe some searching questions to satisfy my curiosity about sheikh romances. Read on to see what she says.

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Author Pippa Roscoe interviewed by MBB

Can you tell me the reason why ‘sheikh’ romance novels are so popular?

It’s a very good question! I think if writers knew the magic formula for what makes something so popular, we’d bottle it and sell it! (Or keep it for ourselves!). For me, I love the fantasy of a Sheikh romance. The pure escapism of it, and the fact that my imagination that can run wild creating a fictional kingdom with rules and systems that often force the brooding, powerful hero’s hand in a way that nothing else could. And I love the tension that wars between duty and desire… all mixing together to create such a fun backdrop to the romance. 

Do you personally know any such romance which really happened? Just asking…

Nope, sadly not. Though I’m still hopeful that one day I may be whisked off my feet and away to a beautiful desert palace with incredible mosaic tiles, stunning indoor pools and amazing sunsets.

Did you do much background research to write this story?

As an ex-researcher, I really should have done much more than I did! Much of my research involved images, looking for the right ‘models’ for my hero and heroine, and researching the Heron Tower in London. But because the romance is contained within twelve hours there were less ‘travel opportunities’ – they couldn’t very well travel back to the Hero’s Kingdom or the entire events would have taken place on his private jet! Though, that’s an idea!! – but I greatly enjoyed researching beautiful Greek homes for my current work in progress. 

What’s your all-time favourites romance book, or favourite romance writer?

The Princess Bride. It has everything! Romance, adventure, humour, sarcasm, not to mention the Cliffs of Insanity or the Rodents of Unusual Side. But I also love The Steadfast Tin Soldier, because it’s a very beautiful and very sad story. 

What’s next for author Pippa Roscoe?

World domination? No, perhaps I’ll leave that off the list… at least for now. I’m working on the second book in my Winners’ Circle Trilogy – a fabulous Greek hero, his beautiful heroine and their very unexpected one night baby! 

Author Pippa Roscoe

Mills & Boon author Pippa Roscoe lives in Norfolk near her family and makes daily promises that this will be the day she will leave the computer and take a long walk in the countryside. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t dreaming of gorgeous alpha males and misunderstood heroines. Totally her mother’s fault of course—she gave Pippa her first romance to read at the age of seven! She is inconceivably happy that she gets to share those daydreams with her readers. 

Thanks to author Pippa Roscoe for the interview. And now, the book:

Conquering His Virgin Queen by author Pippa Roscoe. Published by HM&B
USA Edition

Six months ago, their marriage ended…

He has twelve hours to claim her back!

Odir Farouk is about to become king—but to take his throne, he needs his errant wife by his side! Odir denied his hunger for Eloise, refusing to compromise power for passion. His rejection drove her away. Now Odir has until news of his succession breaks to win back his queen…and pleasure will be his most powerful weapon!

UK Edition

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CLAIMED BY THE SHEIKH – New Release by Rachael Thomas

Rachael Thomas moved to Wales from the Midlands in the UK many years ago.  She married into a farming family and broadened her experiences considerably.  When her children started school, she began to pursue her dream of writing and sought out various courses and new writers’ schemes.  She loves escaping, with her characters, into a world of glamour and fantasy where true love always has the last word.

Connect with Rachael Thomas on the web:
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How do you keep coming up with fresh characters and stories?
New characters and story ideas come from anywhere at any time. More often than not, I’m not in a position to work on them, so I jot them down in my ‘ideas book’ ready to explore another day.
What do you like to read?
I’ve always loved reading romance novels, but I also enjoy historical fiction, especially books set in the Tudor period of English history.
What’s your favorite place to read?
Reading in bed, definitely!
What are some of your reading pet peeves?
The overuse of a particular word throughout a book – something I try hard not to do myself!
Do your characters stick with you after you’ve finished a book and if so, how do you handle it?
Very much so. Whilst writing their story, I get so close to them, so involved with their world, it’s hard to wipe them from my mind once I’ve reached their happy ever after. The best way to deal with that is to meet new characters.
How do you handle writer’s block?
I find it helps not to label it writer’s block, but to realise it is happening because I have reached a point in the story where I need to dig deeper, delve more into my characters motivations and past. When I’m at this point, I take a step back from the page or screen and go for a walk, or do anything that enables me to have thinking time.
What motivates you to write your books?
I write because I love the way new characters reveal themselves to me, bringing their stories to life in my mind, so I can do the same for the reader. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.
Tell us a little about your book…
Claimed by the Sheikh, is my second book published by Harlequin Presents and is the story of Kazim and Amber’s arranged marriage which went wrong on their very first night together, forcing Amber to flee. But when Kazim’s country is threatened by turmoil he has no choice but to find his wife, his princess and bring her home.



Princess Amber’s arranged marriage to Prince Kazim Al-Amed of Barazbin was a dream come true—for her, at least! But then their wedding night went spectacularly wrong, and a furious Kazim banished Amber from his kingdom and his life… 


Now, with his country in turmoil, Kazim must prove his ability to rule and provide an heir for his people. But to do so he’ll need to track down his princess. 


Amber has always threatened Kazim’s tightly held control. Yet if he is to save his nation—and his marriage—he must finally make the ultimate claim…on his wife!

Get this book here:  Amazon    Amazon UK

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